Meet the brands redefining beauty, health, and wellness

Meet the brands redefining beauty, health, and wellness

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Across beauty, health, and wellness, our brands improve access, offer unsurpassed experiences, and deliver proven results. 

Skin health | Hair care | Vitamins + Supplements | Upper Respiratory | Oral health | Allergy

Our portfolio

  • Allwell
    Personalized treatment of allergies to help you comprehensively manage symptoms.
  • Fluent
    Cold + flu assessments, consultations, recommendations and treatments available to you at home.
  • Honed
    Next-generation wellness that combines proven science-based diagnostic testing with lifestyle analysis to optimize your health journey.
  • Kadalys
    Eco-conscious skincare products powered by clinically proven banana-based bio-actives.
  • Layers
    Microbiome-based skincare solutions with probiotic supplements for an inside-out approach to skin health.
  • Mintly
    Clean, eco-friendly, high performance oral health solutions that are healthy for you and for the planet.
  • Sunday II Sunday
    Results-driven hair care for active women that removes sweat, balances moisture, and maintains the health of your hair.
  • Timely
    Virtual Care, expertly & affordably. Healthcare designed for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

In the press

Sunday II Sunday
"While Sunday II Sunday aims to change haircare from a static to an active category, it's also a celebration of the versatility of textured hair."
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"The brand’s packaging reflects its prestige bent. It has recyclable glass jars and bottles wrapped in soft peach labels, and incorporates compostable kraft paper."
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"Kadalys is aiming to give the unused bananas a home in its beauty products by transforming them into 'bio-actives.'"
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"AllWell aims to clear up confusion through straightforward language on its website’s product pages that won’t overwhelm customers"
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"With consumers purchasing products online more than ever and over-the-counter medication online sales expected to grow by 44%, °Fluent is launching at a time when consumer need is real."
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